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Ready to make some money?

Prepaid Cards - $75

We offer prepaid debit cards with four digit pin that may be used in US and UK (please specify in email). These cards are used to clean illegal funds, but are completely safe to cash in stores or ATMs. We can only provide PINs for PREPAID DEBIT CARDS! Don't ask for d+p for other sources--only rippers offer d+p. We can offer 5% discounts for bulk orders of 3+

Cloned Cards - see below

These are cloned cards made from dumps. You can use these at stores, online or in store. We offer US cards only (no chip+pin dumps). If you want the cards for online use only and don't need them to be printed they cost $100 per card with discounts for bulk. If you need fully printed cards, they are $150 with a minimum order of three.


Real SSN cards for whatever purpose you may need. Use to get a job or on paperwork, but don't show to police. These are US SSNs registered in California or Nevada.


Shipping worldwide! We do NOT supply drops.